About Us

The goal of NOLATAC Training & Consulting is to train law-abiding and responsible people in the safe and effective use of firearms and tactics for personal defense. We also provide all manner of training to include self-defense, security, NRA, advanced applications, medical, survival, preparedness, and specialized courses for specific needs. Our clients range from special operations military and law enforcement to soccer moms and stay at home dads looking to protect their home from the evil in our world.

We are located in the newly remodeled and reopened St. Bernard Indoor Shooting Center, in Arabi, LA. STBISC serves as a training center as well as a full-featured gun store and indoor shooting range servicing the local law enforcement and armed citizen community. We specialize and cater to concealed handgun permit holders and home defense.

NOLATAC also has an outdoor range facility, NOLATAC Training Center, on the grounds of the NOLA Motorsport Park in Avondale, LA, on the “west bank” of the Mississippi River. This is were we hold most of our hosted courses from other nationally known instructors, tactical training classes for law enforcement, military, and responsible citizens, and host large competitions and media events.

The ugly truth is that we live in a society that is becoming more violent. We are inundated with news reports of robberies and murders, often, mere blocks from our home. Most people have either been victims of a crime or know someone close to them that has.

You are the only person responsible for your safety. Police do the best they can, but by the very nature of their profession, they are reactionary. Often, those reactions are too late. YOU need to be prepared to take care of yourself until help arrives. YOU will ALWAYS be the first responder. You have the IMMEDIATE responsibility for your safety and the safety of those you love.

In addition to training, NOLATAC provides consulting services, marketing services, film industry consultation and training, and product development and validation services within multiple commercial spaces.


Brannon is an 11 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, where he served in a variety of billets including Radio Operator, Forward Air Controller, Tactical Air Control Party Chief, Primary Marksmanship Instructor Trainer, Defense Messaging System Administrator, Network Administrator, Iraq Theater Lessons Learned Project Non-commissioned officer in-charge, 4TH Marine Division Communications SNCOIC, and a member of the USMC Reserve Rifle and Pistol Competition Team.

Brannon also has been a member of local law enforcement in the south Louisiana area since 1996. He has trained and instructed in a variety of specializations in law

enforcement to include narcotics, firearms, officer survival, defensive tactics, and vehicle stops. Most recently, he was a motorcycle officer with a local Sheriff’s Office in the reserve traffic division. Brannon graduated the Louisiana P.O.S.T. academy in Lafayette in 1996 and is still commissioned in LA as a peace officer.

In addition to training various organizations and individuals in the United States, Brannon has worked as a police trainer in Afghanistan where he also functioned as a quality assurance manager for the weapons and armory section of a prominent government contractor for all in-country personnel.

He was also an adjunct instructor for Haley Strategic Partners and has assisted with the development of many of the programs being taught through Haley Strategic Partners, which is lead by Travis Haley.

His educational background includes a Bachelors and Masters degree in Criminal Justice from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also currently working on his second Master’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration with plans to eventually earn a Doctorate Degree or possibly attend law school.


· United States Marine Corps Primary Marksmanship Instructor Trainer
· National Rifle Association – Training Counselor – 04/2013
· F.L.E.T.C. (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) – Firearms Instructor – 08/2013
· National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor
· National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Handgun/Shotgun Instructor
· National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor – 04/2014
· National Rifle Association Civilian Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun/Home Firearms Safety/Personal Protection Instructor
  Inside and Outside the Home
· National Rifle Association Advanced Pistol Instructor – 12/2014
· Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response to Active Shooter Instructor (ALERRT)
· TASER M26/X26 Instructor
· Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Instructor
· Motor vehicle stops instructor
· Compliance and holds instructor
· Laser sights instructor
· Advanced Handgun Instructor – Rangemaster – 2012
· Advanced Low-Light Instructor – SureFire Institute – 10/2012
· DTI – John Farnum Firearm’s Instructor Course – 2/2013
· A.L.I.C.E. Instructor (school shooter response) – 6/2013
· Tactical Response – Tactical Instructor – 08/2013
· Combat Shooting and Tactics – Tactical Rifle and Pistol Instructor – Oct/2014
· Vehicle Close Quarters Battle Instructor – William Petty 02/2015 (24hrs)
· Costa Ludus – LEO Low-Light Instructor – William Petty 04/2015 (30hrs)
· Costa Ludus – Intermediate Firearms Instructor – William Petty 05/2015 (30hrs)
. Law of Self Defense Instructor Graduate – Andrew Branca 03/2016 (appox 40)
. Glock Armorer Course (LPOA / MPOA) 4-15- 16 (8hrs) Alliance Police Dept – Shoot House Instructor – John Chapman / Joe Weyer 08/2016- (40hrs)



· Louisiana POST certified Police Officer
· Certified Personal Protection Officer
· Hostage Negotiator- Phase 1 and 2
· United States Marine Corps Range Coach
· United States Marine Corps Sergeant’s Resident Course
· United States Marine Corps Inter-service Resident Range Safety Course- Intermediate
· United States Marine Corps Radio Operators Course
· Police Motorcycle Basic Operator Course
· Bill Scott Raceway- Anti-terrorism driving and anti-surveillance course
· Crossroads Training Academy-Professional Protection Driving – 11/2008
· Police RADAR/LIDAR certified-JPSO 01/2009
· Southern Anti-Terrorist Regional Training Academy (S.A.R.T.A.) Police Patrol Rifle Certified
· Various courses in police survival tactics, vice for patrol, legal issues, ethics, and leadership
· Suicide Terrorism Seminar
· United States Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Brown Belt
· DHS Anti-terrorism Intelligence Awareness training- 12/2008
· ILEETA Conference- 5/2008, 5/2009
· Louis Awerbuck pistol Course – 5/2009
· Hugh Coffee Ditch Medicine- 8/2009
· NRA Range Management Conference- 9/2009
· Todd green- Aim Fast, Hit Fast- 10/2009
· Police Field Sobriety and Intoxication Testing Certified 10/2009
· Magpul Dynamics Carbine 1/2 – 11/2009
· Magpul Dynamics Hyper-violent Weapons Manipulation – 01/2010
· Tactical Pistol-Level 1- VATA Training Center – 05/2010
· Larry Vickers Tactical Handgun – 06/2010
· Larry Vickers Tactical Carbine – 06/2010
· Larry Vickers AK – 06/2010
· Counter-terrorism Training for High Risk Environments- 07/2010
· Tom Givens Combative Pistol Course-2Day-Rangemaster – 02/2011
· Low-Light Vehicle Operations – Talon Defense 07/2012
· Extreme Close Quarters Concepts – Shivworks 10/2012
· Tactical Response – Immediate Action Medical – 08/2013
· Law Enforcement Tactical Trauma Care – 11/2013
· IALEFI – (International Assoc of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors) – Master Instructor Development – 08/2013
· Lights, Sights, and Lasers – Wess Doss / Kyuper – 04/2014
· Warfighter Concepts – Intermediate Pistol and Carbine – 09/2014
· High Risk Vehicle Stops Instructor Workshop – 09/2014
· Viking Tactics – VTAC Streetfighter Course – 10/2014
· Talon Defense Handgun/Carbine – Counter Ambush & Vehicle Defense – Low-Light “Dark Gunfighter” – 12/2014
· Pat Macnamara – TAPS Tactical Application of Practical Shooting Carbine/Pistol – 02/2015 (20hrs)
· Range Master-Tom Givens -Defensive Shotgun – 04/2015 (8hrs)
· Talon Defense – Vehicle CQB – Chase Jenkins 06/2015 (30 hrs)
· 88 Tactical – Rural Sere Level 1 Course – 07/2015 (48 hrs)
. Andrew Branca-Law of Self Defense Seminar – 08/2015(8hrs)
. Tactical First Aid – 08/2015 – (12hrs)
. 88 tactical Super duper Vehicle CQB – William Petty – 10/2015 (36 hrs)
. ShivWorks – ECQC – 11/2015 (20hrs)
. Trident Concepts – Concealed Carry Tactics – Jeff Gonzales – 12/2015 (24hrs)
. Steel City Precision-Tac Precision Rifle 101 – 02/2016 (8 hrs)
. Talon Defense – Advanced Ditch Medicine – Hugh Coffee / Chase Jenkins 06/2016 – (30hrs)
. “Super” Dave Harrington – Integrated Weapons System – 09/2016 – (40hrs)
. 88 Tactical Ropes Course – Terry Barney – 09/2016 – (8hrs)