Additional Services

Free CHP training for Law Enforcement and CHP Instructors

We would like to extend a standing offer to all law enforcement officers and current CHP Instructors to attend any of our CHP classes for free (space permitting). This will allow you to see how someone else does a class and what material they cover. It may give you new ideas or simply different techniques to reach your students. For law enforcement officers, there is a lot of information that you are not given in the academy as it relates to firearms and their possession by law-abiding citizens. Most officers know well how to deal with bad guys with guns, but we really do not get any training on dealing with good guys with guns. Come sit in on a class and learn some of the more interesting nuances that will save you from unintentionally violating the rights of the good guys and avoiding costly and embarrassing lawsuits for yourself and your department.

All we ask for in return is that you provide us with honest and constructive feedback on our presentation and the quality of the information presented. Like you, we want to continue to grow professionally and learn as much as we can about the subject matter and ourselves.

Instruction Offered:

· Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permit Certification
· Basic Firearms Safety
· Basic marksmanship
· Defensive Shooting
· Advanced Firearm Skills
· Instructor Development
· Legal Aspects of Firearms and Defense
· Shotgun Training
· Rifle Training
· Home Security
· Weapons Retention
· Women’s Self-Defense
· Law Enforcement In-service Training
· Fortifying Your Home
· Medical / Trauma
· Pepper Spray
· Taser

Additional Services Offered:

· Personal Protection Services
· Security Consulting
· Motion Picture Technical Advisement
· Product Design and Validation
· Product Marketing
· Course Design and Consultation
· Home and Business Security Assessment and Design
· Policy and Procedure Design and Consultation
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