New Shooters

If you are new to shooting, or have never even touched a firearm in your life, please DO NOT WORRY. We can get you up to speed to where your comfort level and proficiency will give you the confidence to continue training to properly use your firearm to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Firearms are not alien objects. We learn to use them just like any other tool– a hammer, screw driver, lawn mower, car, etc. More importantly than being able to shoot, is knowing when to shoot and how to safely handle a firearm in any situation.

2-Hour Beginner Class for $100.00

We will get you familiar with your weapon’s function and firing by covering one-on-one-

* Safety
* Loading/Unloading/Reloading
* Shooting fundamentals
* Malfunction clearance
* One-on-one range time

You will get personal attention to make sure you are comfortable with your weapon. This is an excellent precursor to the Louisiana CHP Course for those who have limited or no experience with handguns. This will put you ahead of the power curve when you take your CHP class.

Even if you do not have a firearm yet, we have several you can rent and try out.

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